A disruptive take on story-centric content planning

A cloud based enabler for truly cross-platform content planning and collaboration for marketers and media professionals




Story-centric collaboration for truly cross platform planning 

Collabrik exceeds the boundaries of old publication formats.

It supports modern collaborative work processes with overview, communication and ease-of-use for the news desk. It uses insights on how stories develop and travel, for audiences to follow on any combination of publication platforms.

A new kind of analytics for content

Collabrik follows the audience, beyond pure numbers statistics and delivers insights for improved audience attraction. It combines news publication statistics with story development and enhances viewer and reader relevance.

Collabrik statistics build opportunities for both monetization and end customer satisfaction.

Collabrik web graphics_Analytics.png

Cloud native content planning and collaboration service

Collabrik is a cloud native solution with subscription model. It focuses on planning efficiencies and releases news resources by reducing large parts of the administrative work with internal communication via e-mail, specific internal tools, traditional team planning and follow-up on news stories. 

Collabrik supports continuous content work, frees up time and integrates smoothly into each organisation's specific production support systems.

Use as little, or as much, as you need without the need for installed systems. The way it should be.