Collaboration for breaking news

In breaking news situations, so much happens in the production of the content (be it video, audio, text or images) that we often don’t notice all the other information flying around that is crucial to the story. Information that people need to share and collaborate on to make the best possible story.

Do we have a local contact? Who have we spoken to? Who has declined to comment?

When we first started building Collabrik we focused on building the best planning tool and on making it as easy as possible for journalists to put information in. Planning is a collaborative process though and although we often don’t think of it, the planning never really stops. Just like the news story never really stops evolving–at some point the planning evolves into collaboration–and by focusing on making it easy to plan we also made it easy to collaborate.

In real breaking news situations we have seen how journalists use Collabrik for exactly this type of information in real-time since multiple people can work on the same story in different locations with updates instantly reflected everywhere. Without the need to refresh screens or update connection.

Planning evolving to breaking news collaboration.

Screen capture of collaborative editing in Collabrik

Screen capture of collaborative editing in Collabrik