Liberate your content plan from emails and old media systems

News stories don’t live just on TV, or just online, they are everywhere. There is a strong need for a new way of organising your stories that spans across all your platforms. Collabrik does just that – it enables collaborating on stories across all platforms with production using the tools that are best suited for the specific platforms.


Working with Collabrik


Introduction to Collabrik

Introduction to Collabrik that takes you through how to set up a story card, assign contacts, and create a cross-platform publishing plan for multiple types of content.

Breaking news collaboration

In this video we look at how the collaboration features of Collabrik can reduce the amount of emails and Word documents flying around and help you coordinate your team's work better in breaking news situations.

The collaboration features of Collabrik allows multiple people to work on the same story in parallel and the straight-forward and responsive web interface makes it easy to quickly add new information.

Working with contact details and stories 

Having the right contact details for guests and people related to the story is an important part of news planning and collaboration.
Collabrik offers an easy way to maintain contacts within the tool in an address book.
Contacts can be created either directly inside the tool, or imported from an external directory.
All contacts can be linked directly to the story cards using simple @-mentions, making phone numbers and email addresses immediately available to everyone from within the story.

Using tasks lists to manage story work

The task in Collabrik make it easier to stay on top of what needs to be done for a story, such as booking a taxi or calling an interviewee. Tasks can be organised into lists and are linked to the story through the system.